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Mathew Park, the 'Small Town Giant', known as the mindset guy in fitness, is a leading high performance coach, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, pro natural bodybuilder and confidence building expert, who never gave up on his dreams.  At age 21 he started INBF Canada and over 8 years successfully lead, with his incredible team, over 45 competitions across the country, while also starting with his uncle, a revolutionary health drink called RE7, building distribution across Canada and parts of the United States and working with professional athletes from the CFL, NFL and other sports. 

At age 25 he earned his WNBF Pro Natural Bodybuilding status, he also built a successful personal training business, podcast and worked with some of the most influential fitness leaders in the industry.  Recently he partnered with Super League to help lead this Super Human movement across Canada and worldwide. 

For 2 decades he has relentlessly studied personal development, mental performance and psychology, which led him into speaking on stages, creating breakthrough courses and helping online fitness coaches, fitness entrepreneurs and personal trainers dominate and lead in there industry.



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Complimentary Results Session

Complimentary Results Session

Get Empowered. Get Clear. Get Results 

This Complimentary results call is a powerful, personal call in helping you get clear on your goals, understand the challenges holding you back and empower you to another level. Performance and fitness business coach Mathew Park helps you uncover the gaps, eliminate the overwhelm and motivate's you to take massive action. We desire freedom, confidence and purpose. Only two enemies stand in our way: ourselves, defined as our story, beliefs and habits that hold us back and our thinking, we shift this, we live the life of our dreams, get more clients and make more money.

Learn The 5 Secrets To Overcoming Overwhelm:

FREE blueprint that reveals how to overcome the clutter, get clear and take control! 


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