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Uncategorized Jun 28, 2020

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How to Build a Strong Personal Trainer Mindset


Listen to George Mumford's interview on Stitcher Radio  


He was a basketball player at the University of Massachusetts, but injuries forced him out of the game which led him into using medications to relieve his pain from injuries. Which also numbed him to the emptiness he felt without the game and eventually led to heroin use. He later became clean, made a massive shift in his life. Teamed up with John Kabat-Zinn to create the Inner-City Stress Reduction Clinic in early 90’s and currently, he is heavily involved in ID Child International. A non-profit organization providing cross-cultural health education and psychological services for children, families, and communities across the world.

When Michael Jordan left the Bulls, the team was in crisis and they wanted someone to teach mindfulness to a struggling team. Coach Phil Jackson, who was a mindfulness practitioner, part up with George and greatness began. He has worked with Phil Jackson. And many of the...

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Fitness trainers, stop comparing yourself

Fitness trainers, stop comparing yourself

The comparison syndrome is an issue many trainers fall into, if they don’t pull themselves out, they could be in serious danger of affecting their business.

Here’s how you pivot:

Step One - Understand there is only ONE you, nobody can ever be you.

Step Two - Improve YOU, upgrade your daily standards, transition any self destructive belief and start understanding the value of your worth, because nobody can see your worth if you don’t see it yourself.

Step Three - Spend more time around others who have a solid self image, raise your standards and allow you to level up, you clearly won’t level up around people who are as good as you, you need people who are better than you.

If you in the TRM FB group you need to go watch TRM Mentor Jaime Filer's comparitis post, some extra great wisdom in there.

Start embracing your daily blessings, start taking multiple daily 5 minute time-outs to step away, refocus, breathe and focus...

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There is a secret to growing your personal training business.


There is a secret to growing your personal training business,

Did you know that in the last 15 years the average adult attention span has decreased from 15 seconds to 8.25?

Scientists reckon that we have shorter attention spans than GOLDFISH!

Why is this relevant?

This shift has created a ‘need’ for things ‘now’ and if things aren’t achieved ‘now’ many quit, stop or give up early.

This is GREAT news for TRM member’s because we have the EDGE in working through a process over the course of a period of time to achieve specific goals.

What is the SECRET… Consistency.

Would LOVE to share with you the formula when followed for 90 days has created many 10K and 20K a month trainer success stories!

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The truth about free programs Does giving away free work?

 The truth about free programs

Does giving away free work?

A wise man once told me, give away 75% and get paid well for the other 25%, when I first heard this, my eyebrows perked up.

There is a lot of strategy behind this statement.

I’m seeing boat loads of free workouts everywhere, unfortunately this won’t put food on your table long term.

Utilizing free in other ways with a master plan in delivering value, helping retain clients and solving specific client problems.

You may be thinking, Mat, I don’t want to sound pushy, especially with how things are right now.

In most cases, nobody will follow a free plan, there’s no value to it.

Unless there’s value attached with it, make sense?

Just throwing out free stuff, isn’t value, putting out free material that leads into value attached with it on the backend specific to solving a prospects problem, while building the relationship is.

Want to learn how?



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Let’s get a head start


Let’s get a head start

Most personal trainers during the holiday’s take the next 2 weeks off completely.

This doesn’t mean working the entire holidays, its structuring time strategically, maybe a few hours during the week.

As you carve out time for family, friends and Christmas cheer, carve out time for these key three things below, so that when January 3rd comes your ready to go.

1 - Review your 2019 and plan your strategy for 2020. This invaluable time will save you money and time in 2020 in BIG WAYS.

2 - Nurture your prospect list during the holidays, review your entire database, check to see if you missed any prospects from the past 6 months, add any missed prospects and reach out and connect with them.

3 - Nurture your current clients, find some creative ways to connect, add some value, see how they are doing and of course wish them holiday cheer.

2020 is the time to over up new growth in your personal training business, we have the perfect solution for you,...

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The shiny lead syndrome


The shiny lead syndrome

I want more leads….I hear this everyday from clients.

My first question is, how effective are you managing the current inflow of clients you already have?

Are you neglecting the gold in your backyard?

Have you nurtured your current database, are you able to serve and convert a warm database, even friends?

How effective is your follow up process from the last 3 leads you spoke with?

Key things to keep in mind:

1- Is your current system effective at converting clients you currently have or are leads falling through the cracks?

2 - How effective have you been at nurturing and working your current database? If you can’t close a friend who truly needs your help, how will you close a cold prospect?

3 - Putting the cart before the horse - seeking automation before mastering the basics, your sales calls, sales process, basic follow up.

4 - Putting money before the relationship - EPIC coaches truly CARE about you and your results and build system’s...

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