Mapping Your Sales Cycle


Mapping Your Sales Cycle

Many personal trainer’s miss this, yet it’s a critical part towards the business model success.

Map out your 7 day, 14 day, 30 day, 2 month and 3 month sales process.

It could be 10, 20 or 30 touch points.

This may seem like a lot of work, if you want to increase conversions and provide better quality follow up support, this is where it’s at.

I’ve yet to go on an initial call with a trainer who has more than 1 follow up touch point in the sales process, that is until they go through the TRM10 process.

Imagine if you better understood how to further build the relationship, trust and certainty, what results you could expect?

Take 60 minutes and map it out.

If you're unsure where to start, apply for a complimentary call to dig into this further and watch conversions skyrocket.

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The truth about free programs Does giving away free work?

 The truth about free programs

Does giving away free work?

A wise man once told me, give away 75% and get paid well for the other 25%, when I first heard this, my eyebrows perked up.

There is a lot of strategy behind this statement.

I’m seeing boat loads of free workouts everywhere, unfortunately this won’t put food on your table long term.

Utilizing free in other ways with a master plan in delivering value, helping retain clients and solving specific client problems.

You may be thinking, Mat, I don’t want to sound pushy, especially with how things are right now.

In most cases, nobody will follow a free plan, there’s no value to it.

Unless there’s value attached with it, make sense?

Just throwing out free stuff, isn’t value, putting out free material that leads into value attached with it on the backend specific to solving a prospects problem, while building the relationship is.

Want to learn how?



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What is your mindset


Are you a personal trainer and swimming with the minos or the sharks? the last 7 days who are the people that you have spent the most time with, do they earn more or less than you?

Your training business will only grow to the capacity you set mentally, the best tools, courses, books or seminar’s won’t work, unless the head has a SHIFT.

Are you programmed to earn $5000 a month, working crazy hours and feeling totally burnt out at the end of the week?


Are you buckling up, raising your standards and surrounding yourself around others BETTER than you?

Mindset Shift Reminders

1 - Are you downgrading your circle, because you feel your falling behind? Stay around others who push you, challenge you, believe in you and stretch you.

2 - Do you feel how is it possible to earn 10, 20 or 30K a month in your training business? Raise your standards, stay around others doing better than you, be obsessed about your new version.

3 - Are you scared you might fail? You...

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Are You Playing A Big Enough Game In Your Training Business?


Remember that feeling where your coasting, things are okay, money is okay, then you lose a client or two and you go into survival mode, all because what you were earning was JUST enough.

O wait there’s room on the credit card, we should be okay for a bit longer, I just hope a client comes through the doors soon, then you tell your trainer friend at gym and they agree, as there hoping for the same thing.

What a RISKY game to PLAY!

Comfort zones are for the majority, are you the MINORITY?

No judgement for the majority, as for some people they prefer comfort zones and that’s totally cool, for the minority who want to play a bigger game, this is why we have TRM and a bigger game can be different level for everyone.

1 - You’ll need to get around others playing a bigger game than you, if you want your game to rise.

2 - You’ll need to make the uncomfortable zone your new comfortable.

3 - You’ll need to have help, whether its a mentor or coach, someone who can...

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Is Personal Training Dying?


Can’t believe I didn’t make this post awhile back, with many trainers asking me this question.

The answer...Absolutely NOT!

The cream of the crop will rise to the top and the rest will fall off, just like in any other business.

Online coaching will grow and continue to grow, people still want human connection, that personal touch, this will never go away, in fact it’s needed more than ever.

This goes back to what Tony Robbins shared years ago pertaining to the 6 human needs, one being connection.

I personally LOVE sit down coaching sessions with my trainer’s and LOVE intimate masterminds or seminars, things now have shifted to video and webinars, which are a great tool, leverage them to grow, but you still need personal contact.

Do you think a candidate running for president of the United States, would only rely on videos, webinars and social ads to win a campaign?  Of course not, they need to be in contact with the people, shaking hands, kissing babies,...

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Double Your Prices?


Take a listen to Brittany and Sebestian as they share the importance of why knowing your worth and having a fair price is important in growing your personal training business.

Both of these powerhouses took the leap and there businesses grew fast!

Far to many trainers are discounting rates, trying to get more clients, big mistake, this is a scarcity mentality.

They are in fear of losing clients.

First, do you believe your worth more?  Do you believe you offer exceptional value?

One can’t just increase rates, without first believing in oneself, the value provided and proper presentation.

First go sell yourself, practice your pitch, get it dialled, so it becomes second nature.

Many want increased rates, but are unable to follow the process through, with proper implementation.

You can’t just throw your increased prices out to clients blindly, there needs to be a proper process followed, here are a few steps that are important.

  1. First, establish an increased rate that...
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Fixing those leaks


Remember when you had that slow leak in your tire and it irritated the heck out of you and you still procrastinated to go get it fixed, so you just threw more air in.

Think of your leaks like your business, are you letting leads blow out of your tires?

Weird metaphor, but hey it works

Your getting leads coming in from social, referrals, your website, the gym, from friends, the list goes on.   It doesn't matter if its one or 50 leads, it's the same thing.

Then you have your call, what happens next??

So you didn’t close, where do they go? Do they go in the ‘let's collect some dust pile’ and see if they will ever call back.


People are inundated with ads, pop ups, video’s multiple times a day, they need your trust!

Grant’s stat’s clearly state that you need 5-12 points of contact before someone will know, like and trust you.

So where are the leaks for you?

Look at all the areas you get...

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16 Years Later She Blew Up


I was looking at 2019 personal trainer statistics from the United States Labour Bureau and it stated that the average hourly rate for personal trainer’s is $18.85 per hour, the demand for personal trainer’s is increasing by 10% each year and get this, within the FIRST YEAR 90% of trainers quit, that’s INSANE!

What BLOWS my mind, is the hourly wage for McDonalds is $17.55!

It’s time to CHANGE this and help highly educated trainers like Britt Fitt, who invested 2 years full time in school learning her craft, to start THRIVING, so she can SERVE her clients at the next level.

Brittany’s story goes way back to when I had taken the NAIT PFT Personal Training 2 year program 16 years ago.  I remember this high energy gal in the class before me, always smiling, delivering the energy.

Fast forward to 16 years later, we hadn’t spoken in years, I saw a post that she was venturing into her own business, so I reached out.  Later learning she had no...

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Are Discounts Killing Your Personal Training Business?


What’s on SALE?

A trainer messaged me, asking how much they should discount their services?

I replied and shared none if your selling your services

They didn’t reply after LOL

Here’s the thing, if your consistently building your personal training business based on the latest discount of the week or month, you will not build a profitable business.

You may get busy and make okay income, but you’ll be forever chasing your tail, as clients will think subconsciously that you operate based on discounts and you begin to be known as the discount trainer.

Avoid posting and promoting discounts in your marketing and shift to providing impeccable value.

Now this does depend on what your selling, your services are marketed different than how you sell an online course.

Take a quick study on the most successful brands: Apple, Lululemon, BMW, Virgin, all these brands don’t promote discounts, the perception is of high quality, not something that's on sale for the week...

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